Cellular Ceramics

Cellular Ceramics and Simulation

Head: Dr. Tobias Fey

Current fields of research and interests

  •       Periodic and non periodic cellular ceramics and composites using additive manufacturing and conventional  processing
  •       Microstructure characterisation (esp. Microtomography) and testing (mechanical and thermal properties)
  •       Simulation and modeling on µCT-derived microstructure models

Science movies
Microcomputertomography gives an insight view to materials microstructure. Using modern 3D-rendering technique and common anaglyph method you can find several 3D-movies (red/green and cyan/red) of ceramic and ceramic related microstructures.

Software Tools (Open Source)
Here you find several useful tools with focus on material science.


Current Publications (from CRIS Database, unfortuantly due to technical reasons not complete). Complete Liste can be downloaded here.