Institute of Glass and Ceramics

Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Academic Staff
  Telephone Email
Prof. Dr. Peter Greil Glass and Ceramics Institute Chair 27541
Prof. Dr. Dominique de Ligny Professor for Glass 27553
Prof. Dr. Kyle G. Webber Professor for Functional Ceramics 27551
Prof. Dr. Stephan E. Wolf Professor for Biomimetics 27565
Prof. Dr. Nahum Travitzky Professor for Additive Processing 28775
Dr. Tobias Fey Cellular Ceramics and Simulation Group Leader 27546

Administrative Staff


Karin Bichler  Secretary 27543
Candice Iwai  Secretary 27543
Evelyne Penert-Müller  Secretary 27542

Technical Staff


Sabine Fiedler  Institute Safety Administrator 27564
Evelyn Gruber 27559
Heiko Huber 27570
Beate Müller 27559
Timotheus Nunes 27570
Heike Reinfelder 20378
Peter Reinhardt 27563
Eva Springer 27550
Hana Strelec 27548
Andreas Thomsen 28913
Alfons Stiegelschmitt 27556

Post-Doctoral Researcher


Dr. Maria Rita Cicconi Glass 27567
Dr. Andrea Dakkouri-Baldauf Ceramics 27548
Dr. Joseph Harris Biomimetics 27558
Dr. Barbara Kaeswurm Functional Ceramics 27555
Dr. Alexander Veber Glass 20378
Dr. Neamul Hayet Khansur Functional Ceramics 27555
Dr. Alexander Martin Functional Ceramics 27555



Azatuhi Ayrikyan Functional Ceramics 27558
Jonas Biggemann Cellular Ceramics and Simuation 27561
Corinna Böhm Biomimetics 27558
Franziska Eichhorn Cellular Ceramics and Simuation 27540
Matthias Freihart Additive Processing 20378
Zongwen Fu Additive Processing 27558
Philipp Geiger Functional Ceramics 27561
Ruth Hammerbacher Functional Ceramics 27540
Hannes Lorenz Additive Processing 27557
Martina Schüßler Biomimetics 27549
Martin Stumpf Cellular Ceramics and Simuation 27561

Guest Researcher


Emmanuel Guillaud  Glass 27540
Mylena Carrjio Additive Processing 27561