BSc / MSc Thesis Projects

We have international cooperations with different universities especially with

  • Limoges, France: Possibility Bachelor and Master Thesis
  • Nagoya, Japan: Possibility Bachelor and Master Thesis
  • Florianopolis, Brasil: Possibility Bachelor and Master Thesis

Functional Ceramics – Prof. Dr. Kyle G. Webber

BSc/MSc Projects
– Aerosol deposition of ceramics
– Stress dependent electromechanical properties and crystal structure of lead-free ferroelectrics
– High energy density energy storage materials

Glass –  Prof. Dr. Dominique de Ligny

MSc Projects
– Glass droplets and fibers, optimization of process conditions with the help of spectroscopic observations
– Functionalized piezoelectric glass ceramics
– Advanced green technology substrates: Strengthening cordierite-based glass-ceramics
– New nonlinear optical glasses based on Niobate

BSc Projects

– Characterization of residual stress in glass
– Glass ceramics for dental prosthesis applications
– Active glass for light energy conversion, increasing quantum efficiency by partial crystallization
– Vibrational signature of stress in Niobate crystals.

Cellular Ceramics and Simulation – PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Tobias Fey

BSc / MSc Projects (Topic can be extended from BSc to MSc)
– High Troughput Processing of porous ceramics (Al2O3, HaP, BaTiO3, ZrO2)
– VAT Photopolymerization of ceramic and glass (e.g. bioglass) for SLA 3D printing to fabricate ceramic structures
– MEX process with selfmade piezoelectric filament
– Robot-assited replica process for ceramics
– Porous SiC-coatings for SiC-fibres
– Porous SiC for catalytic applications
– Correlation of structure and properties of ceramic structures (natural or 3D printed) by replica processing
– Influence of the gas during gel casting on the microstructure

Generative Processing – Prof. Dr. habil. Nahum Travitzky

No open projects at the moment

Biomimetic Materials – PD Dr. rer. nat. Stephan E. Wolf

No open projects at the moment