BSc / MSc Thesis Projects

We have international cooperations with different universities especially with

  • Limoges, France: Possibility Bachelor and Master Thesis
  • Nagoya, Japan: Possibility Bachelor and Master Thesis
  • Florianopolis, Brasil: Possibility Bachelor and Master Thesis
  • Penn State, USA: Possibility Bachelor and Master Thesis


Functional Ceramics – Prof. Dr. Kyle G. Webber

BSc/MSc Projects
–Reconstructing the electrostrictive coefficient of perovskite ferroelectrics
–Anhysteretic behavior of lead-free ferroelectrics
–Influence of temperature on the piezoelectric behavior of lead-free ferroelectrics


Glass –  Prof. Dr. Dominique de Ligny

MSc Projects
Towards extra clear glasses, evolution of local defects in glasses with redox melting conditions
–Brillouin spectroscopy mapping: developing a new experimental setup

BSc Projects
–Making ultra-strong glasses
–Glasses memory a promising way to track glass processing


Cellular Ceramics and Simuation – Dr. Tobias Fey

BSc / MSc Projects (Topic can be extended from BSc to MSc)
– Processing of ceramic Building Blocks for Medical and Energy applications
– Characterisation of cellular Ceramics
– Periodic cellular ceramics by 3D-printing
– Auxetic cellular ceramics
– Fabrication of freeze casting / gel casting porous ceramics
– Fabrication of lead free porous ceramics
– Simulation of mechanical/thermal properties of porous ceramics


Generative Processing – Prof. Dr. Nahum Travitzky

MSc Projects
–Impedanzspektroskopische Untersuchung der Hochtemperaturleitfähigkeit von papierabgeleitetem Aluminiumoxid und Zirkonoxid
–Einfluss der Grenzschicht auf die mechanischen und thermischen Eigenschaften papierabgeleiteter keramischer Mehrlagenstrukturen
–Untersuchung von Partikelorientierung beim Robocasting


Biomimetic Materials – PD Dr. Stephan E. Wolf

No open projects at the moment