Research Projects

Research Projects (in alphabetical order) Funding Principal Investigator
BayFOR Australia „Variable Crystallinity in Natural and Synthetic Nanocomposite Materials“ BayFOR S.E. Wolf
Bioactive ceramic cages IN P. Greil / T. Fey
Cellular ceramics for heat absorbers EnCN P. Greil
Deformation and sintering behaviour of preceramic papers DFG N. Travitzky
Development of layered structures and 3D generative processing methods for innovative combustion chamber lining concepts BMWi

+ IN

A. Roosen / N. Travitzky
Dispers systems for electronic devices DFG A. Roosen
Emmy Noether Programme “The Influence of Mechanical Loads on the Functional Properties of Perovskite Oxides” DFG K.G. Webber
Environmentally friendly development of white phosphorus on the basis of oxynitride phosphate glasses. BFHZ D. de Ligny
Evaluation of the densification mechanism during realisation of dense ceramic layers at room temperature via the Aerosol Deposition Method DFG K.G. Webber
Experimental study and simulation of anisotropic effects in cast green tapes DFG A. Roosen
Flexible manufacturing of preceramic paper based refractory components DFG P. Greil
Formation of Liquid-condensed mineral phases and the mechanisms of the PILP process (Emmy Noe­ther Group) DFG S.E. Wolf
Hierarchical cellular ceramics and composites DFG P. Greil
High coordination numbers: topo-structural implication on glass strength DFG D. de Ligny
High temperature stable ignition components based on defined 2D and 3D SiSiC structures AiF N. Travitzky
Integrated Calorimetry and Vibrational Spectroscopies DFG D. de Ligny
Lightweight cellular ceramics EC P. Greil
Manufacture of scaffolds for tissue engineering applications in rapid prototyping techniques BMBF P. Greil
Manufacturing of multilayer refractories by tape casting DFG A. Roosen
Robocasting of macrocellular ceramic 3D-lattice structures with hollow filaments DFG N. Travitzky
Self healing MAX phase ceramics DFG P. Greil
Stable and metastable multiphase systems for high application temperatures DFG P. Greil
Structured carbon based catalyst support structures for CO hydration DFG T. Fey
Tape-on-Ceramic Technology BMBF A. Roosen
Towards smart solar cell glasses: Glass texturing under laser irradiation EnCN D. de Ligny