Equipment and characterization methods

With our equipment we can offer you a wide range of characterization methods in the field of glasses and ceramics for reasearch and development only.

If you are interested please contact Dr. Tobias Fey .


Total space: 2050 m2
Laboratory: 1600 m2


  • Processing workshop
  • Polymer processing laboratory
  • Bioengineering laboratory
  • Cellular and porous ceramics laboratory
  • Sol-gel laboratory
  • Ceramography workshop with saws, grinders and polishers
  • Rapid Prototyping laboratory
  • Biomaterials laboratory (Centre of Medical Physics and Technology)


main equipment – analysis

  • Dilatometers (up to 1800 °C)
  • Thermal analysis (DTA/TGA/DSC/TMA)
  • Thermal conductivity device
  • 3 X-ray diffractometers (1x HT, 2x RT )
  • Microwave (100 GHz) and ultrasonic devices for non-destructive testing
  • 2 servohydraulic, high temperature mechanical testing systems
  • Gas absorption analyser
  • Hg high-pressure porosimeter
  • ICP-OES (Spectro Analytical Instruments)
  • Electrical measurements up to 1500°C
  • 3-dimensional optical dilatometer
  • Laser scattering particle size analyser
  • Geo-pycnometer
  • Laser granulometer (0.1nm – 100µm)
  • Micro hardness tester
  • Viscosimeter and high-temperature viscosimeter
  • Single fibre tensile testing, screw extruder and measurement unit
  • ESA acoustophoretic analyser
  • High precision mechanical testing with optical tracking system (EXAKT)
  • Thermo-Mechanical Analyser
  • Environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM)
  • Atomic force microscope/colloidal probing facilities
  • Scanning electron microscope (with EDX and WDX)
  • Laser scanning microscope and Light Microscopes, Digital Microscope
  • FT-IR spectrometer and 2 UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers
  • 2 X-ray fluorescence spectrometers
  • Interactive image analysis system
  • 100 GHz microwave non-destructive testing device (PIC)
  • Fluorescence spectrometers
  • Raman-microscope with two excitation lasers
  • µCT Skyscan 1172, max resolution 0.5µm/voxel

main equipment – processing

  • Ball, vibration and attrition mills
  • Kilns and Dryers (glass melting, high-temperature up to 2500 °C, vacuum)
  • Tape caster and Fibre winding facilities
  • Low-pressure injection moulding device
  • Advanced screen printing device
  • High precision cutting device
  • 3-dimensional optical dilatometer
  • Automated polymer pyrolysis furnace
  • Thermal conductivity device
  • Screen printer
  • Advanced screen printing device
  • High precision cutting device
  • Lamination press
  • Aerosol deposition
  • Knee lever punch for green tapes
  • Gradient oven
  • 3D-Printer (Stereolitography, FDM, Direct Print)
  • Laminated Object Manufacturing – LOM
  • Fused Deposition Modelling – FDM
  • High precision mechanical machining – CNC


Addition informations