Research Fields

Research on the field of glass and ceramics is carried out in the research groups:

Head:  Prof. Dr. Dominique de Ligny

In the glass group the reasearch focus is on:


Cellular Ceramics and Simulation
Head: Dr. Tobias Fey

In the Cellular Ceramics and simulation group the research focus is on:

  • Processing of cellular and biomorphous ceramics
  • Microstructure characterisation (esp. Microtomography)
  • Microstructure testing (mechanical and thermal properties)
  • Non-destructive testing (e.g. microwave)
  • Generative processing of ceramics
  • Modeling of microstructure testing on µCT-derived models

Head and Chair of Institute: Prof. Dr. Peter Greil

The research field on ceramics is focused on …


Generative Processing
Head: PD Dr. Nahum Travitzky

In the Generative processing group the research focus is on:


Functional Ceramics
Head: Prof. Dr. Kyle G. Webber

In the functional ceramics group the research focus is on:

  • Lead-free ferroelectrics
  • Field-induced structural phase transitions of ferroelectrics
  • In-situ structural characterization of electromechanical behavior in functional ceramics
  • Temperature-dependent hysteretic properties in ferroelectrics

Biomimetic Materials
Head: Prof. Dr. Stephan E. Wolf

In thebiomimetic  group the research focus is on: