New Block Lecture Series (FAU SS 2022): Device development and advanced characterization techniques

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As part of the collaboration between FAU and Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, the IRTG offers four new interdisciplinary graduate level lectures on device development and advanced characterization methods in the summer semester 2022. Those week-long lectures (5 ECTS) will be given by a joint FAU-NITech PI team. This FAU-NITech Lecture Series will provide doctoral researchers and master students with an excellent overview on characterization and analysis techniques, state-of-the-art simulation methods, and device development.

Please register by writing an e-mail to IRTG Coordinator Julia Berger or by joining the courses in StudOn. Each module is compatible with the elective module especially in the master courses EEI, ET, MWS, NT, MAP, WING, MB, ME, CE, AOT (TechFak) and Chemistry (NatFak).

Details about each lecture can be found here.


1) Crystal Growth and Material Processing – Experimental and Numerical Approaches (5 ECTS)
May 30 – June 2, 2022

  • Introduction to the phase-field method for crystal growth, processing and multiferroics – Dr. Frank Wendler (WW8, FAU)
  • Crystal growth of semiconductor and material processing using ultrashort laser pulses – Prof. Dr. Reina Miyagawa (NITech)


2) Advanced structural characterization techniques (5 ECTS)
June 13 – June 17, 2022

  • Vibrational Spectroscopy of Amorphous To Nucleated To Fully Crystallized Materials – Dr. Rita Cicconi (WW3, FAU)
  • Synchrotron Radiation Techniques for Materials Science – Prof. Dr. Koichi Hayashi (NITech)


3) Advanced modeling techniques for mechano-electrical systems (5 ECTS)
July 18 – July 22, 2022

  • Advanced Computational Simulation of Mechano-Electrical Systems – Prof. Dr. Julia Mergheim (LTM, FAU)
  • Advanced Lecture on Motor Drives – Prof. Dr. Takashi Kosaka (NITech)


4) Communications systems design (5 ECTS)
July 25 – July 29, 2022

  • Electronics Design for Energy Harvesting System – Prof. Dr. Georg Fischer (LTE, FAU)
  • Body Area Communications – Prof. Dr. Jianqing Wang / Prof. Dr. Akimasa Hirata (NITech)



Please direct any further questions to: Julia Berger.