Fabian Nehr wins Hans-Walter-Hennicke Presentation Prize

Fabian Nehr was awarded first place in the Hans-Walter-Hennicke Presentation Competition, which took place at the 94th Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft  Conference on May 6th, 2019 at Montanuniversität Leoben. His presentation was entitled “Thermomechanical behavior of NBT as a function of doping”, which was done in the Functional Ceramics Research Group led by Prof. Kyle Webber.

The award, which has been given since 1995, is in memory of Professor Dr. Hans-Walter Hennicke (1927 – 1993), a German ceramist, university lecturer and director of the Institute for Stones and Soils (Nonmetallic Materials) of the Mining Academy /TU Clausthal. This prize is awarded to the three best lectures given by young ceramists on their final thesis.


More information: https://www.dkg.de/dkg/ehrungen/hans-walter-hennicke-preis