GRK 2495 Invited Talk: Prof. Madoka Ono (Hokkaido University) - Topology control of silica glass for ultralow optical scattering loss

Jul 04
4. July 2022 12:00 - 13:00

Silica glass (SiO2) is widely used as the core material for optical communication fibers. The optical attenuation of the fiber is about 0.2 dB/km at the communication wavelength, but further reduction of the loss is required, due not only to reduce the number of amplifiers for optical signals, but also for the spread of quantum telecommunications, where amplification of quantum cryptography is impossible in principle. We have found that application of high pressure (200 MPa) at high temperature induce reduction of loss significantly down to less than 0.1 dB/km. Molecular dynamics calculations predict further reduction of the loss is expected. The mechanism and the effect of glass topology to such ultralow optical loss will be discussed.